Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Worst Week Season 1 Episode 14 (S01E14)

The best scene of the episode was Sam in the children bathroom at Scotty's school looking through the cameras until he gets confronted by a hall monitor who then thinks Sam is "Stranger Danger"!

Episode info from the CBS website:

Mel and Sam are left to babysit their nephew Scotty. Dick is unsure of Sam’s parenting skills but Sam tries to reassure Dick that he can handle the task. Things seemingly go well with Scotty as Sam regains some confidence when Scotty snaps a photo of Sam and Mel in an uncompromising position. Mel and Sam feverishly look for the camera only to find that Scotty took it to school for a family photo exhibition.

After Mel's ultrasound, Angela is dying to know the sex of her new grandchild but Mel and Sam have opted out of knowing the sex until the birth. Angela runs into Mel’s doctor and sweet talks him into telling her the sex of the baby then immediately tells several family members including Dick who passes the information onto more people; all while trying to keep it from Mel and Sam. Unfortunately for Dick and Angela, Scotty overheard a conversation about the sex of the baby and lets it slip in front of Mel and Sam.

I can say that this is probably the most hilarious show I have ever seen on TV! There are a couple funny shows out like The Office or 10 Items or less but Worst Week is taking it absolutely to a new level! My No. 1 show for sure...

The next episode "The Epidural" airs Monday (Feb. 9th) 9:30 pm ET/PT on CBS

If you missed the episode "The Sex" of Worst Week you can watch the full episode online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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