Monday, February 16, 2009

Confessions of a Teen Idol Season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03)

This episode they get a chance to audition for a commercial which is going to actually air. Eric, David and Jamie don't wanna do it. Why? Well maybe they are on the wrong show. I thought they all wanted to get back to work as actors or musician but how to you get recognized if you are not out there? I guess that works for them. If they learn how not to act as divas I am sure they will start getting some jobs. On the other hand I also doubt the motives of the show. I think their main goal is to make it a hit and they don't care if they destroy some life's doing so. I do think some of the things they make them do is purely to make fun of them and to make them look stupid but it will get them out there. Maybe someone does see it and think oh yeah they can make fun of them self lets get them for this role. They never know, but at least their face will be out there.

I think back in the day as they where famous it was being a sellout if they would do a commercial. But nowadays everyone does it. Also actors that normally just do movies start doing TV shows now because there are less movie roles. Also if they go to do TV their face stays out there and if someone has a movie role they will remember them from TV.

In the end after wearing spandex and make them self look straight out the 80s for the commercial Billy got the job and the paycheck, I wonder how much they are paying. He totally deserves it though. I think he was the one who wanted it the most. And lets face it even if we never hear from any of them again after the show at least he got another paycheck of the show and thats not too bad either!

The next episode airs Sunday 8pm on Vh1!

If you missed this episode you can watch it right here: (Full episode in 6 videos)

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