Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leverage Season 1 Episode 13 (S01E13)

The season finale (S01E13) was together with the last episode a great ending to an awesome season. "The David Job" was a true roller coaster ride. Thinking one moment that they never can pull off the job to thinking well maybe they have a chance. Seeing how Nate told them he is going to rob the gallery and the higher security I thought they are not going to be able to steal anything but of course it was as in every episode they used it against the others. They truly make people do what they want them to do without the people knowing that is what is happening. And between us that is kind of what I do to my parents.

"The Second David Job" episode info from tnt:

Nate comes out of hiding to directly challenge Sterling and Blackpoole. This time, he’s going to steal both David statuettes right out from under their noses. But Nate’s bigger challenge is to get his fractured team to work together again. The stakes have never been higher. Either Nate gets his vengeance, or his friends go to jail for the rest of their lives.

I really like this show and I was very happy to read on the tnt homepage that Leverage is going to be back this summer! tnt has order 15 new episodes so 2 more than the first season, that sounds like heaven! Finally a good show that doesn't get canceled after or during the first season.

If you missed any of the previous episodes you can watch them online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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