Friday, February 20, 2009

Sober House Season 1 Episode 6 (S01E06)

And the hunt continues....Seth still on the run hiding from the others. The whole show was about the wild goose chase and Seth sending them videos through Myspace with clues where he is at. Well I think he just does this so that he is getting famous again and that his CD's sell. He was in Celebrity Rehab season one, after that nothing so he though lets go back to season 2 and now lets go and be on Sober House. Now he thinks he is going to have his fame back and be the popular musician again. Well to be honest I don't think he will ever be famous again. If he wants to work in the entertainment industry he probably should stay on reality TV because this is as good as it ever will get for him. This is the fame he will have, I think he should start getting use to it. No drug will help him to get back to the fame he had. So did he have a heart attack or didn't he? What was the talk about from the others that he maybe wants to go out like James Dean? I thought to go out like him and to be still in peoples mind you gotta have talent and fame. He would be forgotten pretty quickly.

Beside the whole Seth thing he only other thing they were able to fit in the show was Rodney putting down flowers, a bible and a letter at the place he got beaten up by the police officers.

Well truly this episode was terrible. The whole Seth thing is just getting out of hand.

The next episode of Sober House airs Thursday 10pm EST on Vh1!

If you missed the fifth episode (S01E05) you can watch the it right here (full episode in 6 videos):

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