Tuesday, February 17, 2009

13 Fear is Real Season 1 Episode 6 (S01E06)

That was quite a smooth move from Erica, the way she snatched the death box from kitchen with the other there. Her try to kill off Ted was very pathetic. But how she then killed Cody was pretty good. He didn't expect a thing.

The last 6 had to pair up in the challenge. One was caught in a cage while the other had to find their partner and get back to their room. The last one back would face the execution ceremony. Leah was the second one to find her partner Adam, but she was too scared to reach in a whole to get the key for the cages lock out so Ted was able to be faster and him and Nasser made it back before Leah and Adam. Leah and Adam had to face each other in the execution ceremony.

Adam and Leah were handcuffed to a pipe in a bathroom in the execution ceremony. They had to look for the key while the water was rising and snakes were all over. Adam first came up with the idea to unscrew the plumbing and look there. Leah then copied him. Adam followed the clues and found the key first while Leah drowned.

So now there are only 5 left. I really thought Cody would have chances to win but now I think it is either Ted or Erica. Ted and Nasser have a alliance but Ted is not going to take him to the final, he wants someone easy to beat and not a strong player so it's just a question of time until he ditches him...

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