Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rock of Love: Rock of Love Bus Season 3 Episode 5 (S03E05)

Bret Michaels revealed this episode that he is not really feeling any of the girls that are left as much as he did feel some of the girl from the previous seasons. He said the connections are just not there.

This episode the Tour takes them to St. Louis, first stop Larry Flint's Hustler Club. Of course the blond fraction of the girls is totally happy seeing how they feel at home when there are stripper poles. The other girls not that happy about the location fearing the worst. Inside the club Bret explains that he has a makeover challenge for them. In come 3 girls that have been uglyfied. The Rock of Love girls get split in 3 teams and each team gets of the ugly looking girls to perform the makeover on. After the time is up Bret can't decide which team won and takes all 3 team captains out on a date, but that wasn't all. Bret also asks the girls that were just there for the makeover if they would like to join the tour and come with them. Believe it or not but some of the Rock of Love girls started to applause being happy that they are going to stay. Didn't they hear what he was saying? They would be competing too for Bret! Well I guess that was the so called stripper delay.

So the new 3 girls "moved" into the bus and to top that they also were save from elimination because he wanted to get to know them better. Ashley did get to spent the whole night with Bret because she met him after the new 3 girls join the tour and told him that she is angry because she feels like he is saying that he is not feeling her. So to spent more time with her he invite her to his tour bus later on. Some of the girls that are there haven't had any date with him yet so I do understand their frustration but let's be real here he is not going to end up in any relationship with any of them so where is the point of getting angry. They are just getting their 15 minutes of fame and maybe another couple minutes if they go onto Charm School or I love money.

Bret send Natasha home today. Ashley told Bret she thinks more and more that Natasha is actually a guy, Bret said he didn't sent her home because of that but he did keep his distance with her saying goodbye and he also didn't kiss her so I do think he thought there might be some truth in that! I definitely think that Natasha was a dude!

The next episode of Rock of Love Bus airs Sunday 9pm EST on Vh1!

If you have missed the previous episode (S03E04) "Roadies" you can watch it right here

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