Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Love Money Season 2 Episode 2 (S02E02)

Welcome to Leilene's new show: Leilene Crazy for Love! She is so living in La La Land! But it must work on Heat since she got him to keep her in the game.

The challenge was a boxing challenge. There was a boxing ring in the air over the ocean. One member from each time had to go in and try to push the other one over the site. But if a member went down in the ring he also lost. The team with the most points (1 point a win) after 7 fights would win. Onyx from the green team told Heat that he would throw the challenge so they could get Buddha out but Heat (yellow team) put up Prancer to fight against Onyx. Onyx would have looked like a fool if he threw the match against Prancer. So he tried but in the end pushed Prancer (yellow team) over the side. The yellow team did end up winning and Heat since he was the yellow teams captain became the pay master.

In the vault Becky (Buckwild) tried her best to stall so that Heat could decide who is going into the strongbox. If Leilene would have spoken up they would have made it. So about 15 seconds before their 15 minutes in the vault were up Chris put the last check into the strongbox. The 3 green team members up for elimination were Leilene, Buckwild and Onyx. Obviously Buckwild totally disappointed in Leilene for not speaking up trying to get her to quite so that the green team has to go back into the vault and put another check in the box so that the pay master has 3 people to chose from. But Leilene didn't want to do that she told Heat about that deal and was trying everything to stay in. So after she was kind of disappointed of Buddha (who she really likes) for voting her into the box she now tries to flirt with Heat and get him to keep her. So after kissing on the power outing he again fell for the same thing he did in season 1 with Destiny!

At the elimination ceremony Leilene told everybody about the deal with Buckwild to quit and that she is not going to. Heat gave the first chack to Buckwild so she was save. Then he decided to sent Onyx home for not being loyal, he was more loyal then Leilene would eve be since she said right in front of Heat, at the elemination ceremony, that she wants to stay in the game and not quit so they can get Buddha out. So that for me sounds like being loyal to the green team and not to Heat! I am sure Heat is going to regret sending Onyx home who said to Heat that he was the only friend he had on that green team! Heat again being led by his pants and not his brain! Even though he said he learned from last season he for sure doesn't act that way.

I for one can't wait for the next episode. Regarding to the preview Leilene is going to tell Heat that she doesn't like him, but that she likes Buddha. So seems like drama on the rise...

The next episode of I Love Money airs Monday (Feb 16th) 9pm on VH1!

If you missed the season premiere of I Love Money you can watch the full episode right here!

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