Saturday, February 21, 2009

Survivor Season 18 Episode 2 (S18E02)

The immunity challenge was quite tough. I really thought they are going to drown Sierra at some points. She is just way too weak for challenges like that. Taj's moves where nice though.

I really like the new twist with exile island. Now someone from each tribe goes to exile. This episode those two where Taj and Brendan. They had to each choose a urn. One was empty the other one had the clue for the immunity idol. The person with the clue could choose if they want to share it with the other or not. Brendan did reluctantly but she help him figure out that the idol is in the campsites of each tripe. So is that the same idol Sandy found? Is that why the idol clues that Sandy and Sierra had said that the idols can only be used in the first tribal council? Very interesting twist that is, also because they can form a bond so when they merge there is already some connection between the tribes. It probably saves some from getting votes out because they already maybe have alliances on the other tribe.

I also don't understand how some of Taj's tribe say that just because she is married to Eddies George she doesn't need the money. Well why do just people have to be on the show that need the money? Going on a TV show just to win the money is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. If you need money get a job, TV is not the right thing unless you are a actor or something. So I think she has every right to be there like anybody else. I like her on the show and hope she stays for a while.

The one to leave this episode was Candace. She tried to rally for everyone to vote out Benjamin and that backfired on her.

The next episode of Survivor airs Thursday 8pm ET/PT on cbs!

If you missed the season premiere you can watch it online. Just click on the image above and it will take you right there!

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