Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Beats Season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04)

That slap in the car was hideous! What was that all about anyway? I have never seen anything like this before and I really don't want to again. It didn't fit into the scene and looked like a bitch fight but nothing else! All I thought watching it was WTF!

So now the agents that are trying to get Ellis (Travis Fimmel) working with them finding out if Charles (Patrick Swayze) is a rogue agent by using his brother. Only he steals things Ellis regarding to him doesn't need from Ellis apartment.

I must admit the storyline this time was pretty interesting and very watchable compared to the previous episodes. But why do we have always have to watch such weird endings? They really don't give much up regarding the whole rogue agent story or any background story of Charles Barker so why?

"Infected" episode info from the A&E website:

Barker's old pal, Marcus, a security guard at ritzy jewelry store, gets Barker and Ellis involved in a nerve-wracking case involving millions of dollars and a deadly virus. Susan, the store's vice president, has stolen precious jewels in a desperate attempt to pay off the people who've allegedly infected her son with the virus. Barker and Ellis race the clock as they try to track down the blackmailers and figure out what may be threatening the boy's life.

Well all in all the episode was better than the ones before. It just seemed like they finally had a good episode but had to f**k it up with the slap scene! At least there is a glimpse of hope for more good episode.

The next episode "Bitsy Big Boy" airs Thursday (Feb 12th) 10/9c on A&E!

If you missed the episodes "Infected", "Nadia" or "Two Choices" of The Beast you can watch them online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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