Friday, February 20, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 3 (S05E03)

So Charlie is out. he was one of the people I thought had a good chance of winning. I still think it could be Coi or Danny.

I was hoping so much that the red team would loose so that Lacey would finally leave. She is so annoying and also at the cow challenge. They just had 3 wrong and she turned it into 6 wrong! Seriously how did she make it onto the show? It is horrible enough that Colleen is on the show saying she is a cooking instructor but can't really cook in a professional environment, but Lacey is just way worse. She doesn't deserve to be there.

I really didn't understand why Charlie exactly had to go. I really thought Seth would be the one to get sent home seeing how badly he butchered the meat and tried to hide it from Gordon.

Also the women eating the cow intestans. Stomach is quite a delicates in some countries also a lot of people eat the other organs so I thought their behavior eating it was quite weird. Especially since I thought chefs do try a lot of their career or at least in culinary school. I just thought that was out of line.

The next episode of Hell's Kitchen airs Thursday 9/8c on FOX!

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