Saturday, February 14, 2009

Top Chef Season 5 Episode 12 (S05E12)

Finally! The resident slut has left the building. I had to laugh so hard as Fabio said "This is Top Chef and not Top Pussy!". I thought that was so fitting for Leah since that is the title she should have received.

I am happy Leah is out but I am even more happy about Carla being in the final 4. She so deserves it, now next episode Hosea has to pack his knifes and go home. Leah should have been so embarrassed in this show. She doesn't know how to cook fish and she doesn't know how to make eggs right. How did she get so far? I don't think Hosea is any better so he totally should go home next week.

My top 3 are Carla, Fabio and Stefan. While I hope for Carla to win I am thinking that the final 2 maybe Fabio and Stefan. I could see a finale though between Stefan and Carla. That would be very nice to watch.

The final 4 are now making their way from New York to New Orleans. Can't wait for the next episode....

The next episode of Top Chef airs Wednesday 10/9c on Bravo!

Here is a sneak peak of whats next on Top Chef

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