Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Episode 2 (S05E02)

I could not believe that Ji was volunteering to go home after hurting her ankle! Ji with her hurt foot in dinner service did better than Lacey and Colleen together! What they are able to do together is just about 1/10th what Ji can do. Lacey is super annoying on the show and I was so hoping for her to go home. After being very horrible in the challenge she had to stay in bed for hours to feel better. So the rest of the red team had to start working without her and it took Lacey 6 hours before she felt well enough to get herself back into the kitchen and help the others! Seriously how did she make it onto the show?

Also Colleen, Gordon is totally right with the saying "those who can't cook teach!", she is horrible in the kitchen. Wouldn't you expect from a person that operates a cooking school to know how to cook at home and in a professional environment? Both being nominated to be eliminated was good because they really shouldn't be there so it was sad to see Ji go.

I was asking myself during the show why most of the chefs are so terrible in the kitchen? Is it that they purposely chose chefs that are not that good or is it that chefs that already have a very good career and a good job position don't want to be on the show? If you compare Hell's Kitchen to Top Chef the chefs on both show are so different. Top Chef has quite good and experienced chefs on the show that already own their own business or have a good position in a restaurant. The chefs on Hell's Kitchen just seem to be prep chefs or McDonald's workers. Maybe chefs that are actually good would never go on Hell's Kitchen because they don't want to be humiliated as the contestants on that show. I think they already have the chef for the restaurant that is going to open. They put that chef on the show with other chefs that really think they are competing for the job. In the end the chef who already got the job before the show wins and for the viewers it was nice TV!

How is it that none of the chefs on the show ever had opened or prepared a scallop before? That is just plainly unbelievable to me. I think that clearly showed a difference in how experienced a chef is between Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen. On Top Chef your normally see how all those chefs have done those things before. Sometimes there maybe is someone that hasn't done something before but they still do better than any of the chefs on Hell's Kitchen!

My bet on who is going to win still stands with Coi and Charlie maybe even Danny.

The next episode of Hell's Kitchen airs Thursday 9/8c on FOX!

If you missed the episode you can watch it online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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Janice said...

I totally agree with you. An injured Ji is waaaayyyyy better than Lacey and Colleen combined. She did a very noble thing by her decision though. I do hope that they would bring her back to the show. She clearly has the talent and the gumption, and she showed her that by soldiering through a badly injured ankle to win it all. I found that she has a website, with photos and you can email and even vote as to whether to have her back to the show.