Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Love Money Season 2 Episode 3 (S02E03)

Crazy for love Leilene was kicked out of the show and that by her friend Sapphyri. Sapphyri probably knew that she can not trust Leilene. I think Leilene needs help urgently! She is a total fruit loop, all she did on the show is look for love. She should have her own show Leilene Crazy for Love. But I guess as long as she is just looking for superficial things she will never find the right partner.

What is so special about Buddha anyway, can someone please explain it to me!! I don't understand any of these woman that are so in love with him. It seems like as soon as they see him they are all over him. He can ask them to do anything and they just do it without thinking twice.

Milf promised her loyalty to Sapphyri seeing how Buddha lost her trust with voting her into the strongbox to be up for elimination. In the preview they already gave up that Milf is going to throw the next challenge but is that really going to mean that Buddha is going home? I guess we will see.

The next episode of I Love Money airs Monday (Feb 23th) 9pm on VH1!

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