Sunday, February 22, 2009

Farmer Wants A Wife Australia Season 3 Episode 2 (S03E02)

After loving the first season I had to watch the third one as well! sadly I totally missed the second season but at least now the third one is here. This time with a female farmer that is searching for a husband.

The Australian Farmer Wants A Wife show is kind of still my favorite. I have watched the German version (Original where the show started) and just seen snippets from the American one but both don't seem to be as good as the Australian one is. The American one seems to be completely fake and nothing about it is real. But I think that is the thing about this show that makes it so great. Real farmers that are a looking for a real spouse!

In the second episode the farmers had to narrow it down from 5 women to 3 that would actually come and stay on their farm with them. I thought some of them made terrible choices. For example Andrew who seriously choose as one of the three girls Maree! She is 21 and has a baby why did he choose her? He said he is not really ready for children so WTF!

Jenny who chose Owen as one of the three I think made a mistake because Owen already seems to be very jealous and I don't think that the time on the farm is going to go down without drama.

Paul should have never chosen Bridie. He knew her already before she show, so why does she have to apply to come onto the show to get to know him better? If she wanted to be with him and she knew he was single again why not try to get in contact with him without going through the show? That was a HUGE mistake on his part. I don't think she is there for the right reasons.

The others did make quite nice choices. Especially awesome was that Ralph didn't pick the former model. All she said was that he is beautiful. How is that enough to be with someone? It's not all about beauty, that faints and on the farm it doesn't help you at all. So very good decision there.

Next episode the three girls and guys come to the farms and stay with the farmers. I can't wait, it looks like a lot of drama.

The next episode airs Wednesday 7.30pm on channel 9 in Australia!

If you missed one of the episodes you can download them from channel 9! Just click on the image above and it will take you right there. The best part is that channel 9 allows you to download the episodes and shares them on Bit Torrent! You have got to love that! It makes it possible for the rest of us to watch the episodes as well! So if you are in Australia please do so cause this show is one of the best out there! Don't believe me they allow you to do so? Here is the quote from their website which you find at their download page:

You can also copy and share each episode or even distribute the files via file-sharing applications, such as Bit Torrent. Each file is available from the date the episode was broadcast on TV and remains active until the end of the series. Note: this series is only available to download in Australia.

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