Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Love Money Season 2 Episode 4 (S02E04)

Just as we already saw in the preview for this episode Milf threw the challenge as did Buckwild. So another chance of getting Buddha out of the house...or maybe not? In the vault it went down just as Buddha dreamed of. He has them all in his pocket except for Milf, Buckwild and also T-Weed voted to put Buddha in the box. The gold team did try before the vault to convince Bonez to vote for Buddha because they are going to keep throwing challenge until Buddha is out. But I don't know what went on in his brain because he thought that Buddha is a strong competitor and he can help the team win. Wait hold on here... didn't he understand how Buckwild and Milf just told him that they are going to keep throwing the challenges until Buddha is out? How does he think the team is going to win with Buddha and the other alone against Milf and Buckwild? I really didn't understand that. The three checks that ended up going into the vault where the ones from Buckwild, Milf and T-Weed!

Entertainer was the pay master and went on the outing with them. T-Weed tried everything to change the Entertainer's mind because he wanted to stay. He even told him that he is more loyal than Milf. Well if he would have been more loyal I guess he wouldn't have picked Buddha in the first place to be on his team. He must have known that is just going to cause drama!

Well in the end the Entertainer sent home T-Weed which I wasn't surprised about. But then Craig told them that they are going to throw them another twist by mixing up the teams. Saaphyri and 20 Pack were voting by the others the most loyal and therefor became team captain. They had to pick new teams one by one until the one that was standing last not being picked would go home as well! And you are not going to believe it but that was BUDDHA! I can't believe he is out, finally! I am happy because I never understood why the others fell for him in the first place.

I can't wait for the next episode, the preview already promised lots of new drama!

The next episode of I Love Money airs Monday 9pm on VH1!

If you missed episode 3 (S02E03) you can watch it right here! (Full episode in 6 videos)

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