Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Dudesons Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06)

Normally this is a show thats just my husband watches but I had to see how Bam Margera and Brandon Novak do on the show.

Everybody has watched Jackass before and I would say most people know that The Dudesons are a lot crazier than Jackass. Nobody on Jackass would ever pull off the stunts they do. Well to be honest the Jackass crew quite seem like a punch of Sissy boys. I mean we all know the crazy thinks Steve-O and Novak do but in your wildest dreams you can not imagine what The Dudesons will do. For example one of them standing on top of a building that is going to be demolished with him on it! He ended up breaking his arm but I think that is not something rare on the show. They inflict way more pain on themselves then any of the Jackass people ever did.

This episode also kind of showed what pussies Bam and Novak are. For example the stunt on the ice were they were naked pulling on the robe and the loser falling in the freezing water. How couldn't Bam and Novak not do that? Oh wait what is their explanation for that? The insurance wouldn't cover it....yeah right. Also the last stunt 2 Dudesons standing on top of a car which drives against a snow pile the Dudesons shot over and land behind it. Novak and Bam just stood by.

That just makes them look so patectic when they go on Howard Stern or any other show making it seem they are so tough if in the end all they are is Sissy boys....

The Dudesons is also funnier and also they don't seem to get mad when they hurt each other like that. The Dudesons are also friends since their childhood.

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