Friday, February 13, 2009

Paranormal State Season 3 Episode 3 + 4 (S03E03+04)

I just finished watching Paranormal State S03E03 "Room & Board" and S03E04 "Church of the Damned". I really love this show and always wish watching it that the episode would be full 1 hour episode and not only 30 minutes. I do think they wouldn't have to squeeze so much into only 30 minutes.

Anyways the episode "Room & Board" was very interested. The lodge look very beautiful. I love how secluded it is. It seemed like a very peaceful place. What I really don't understand though is why do people have to play with spirit boards? Every time you see or read something about spirit boards it's always about people opening up something they can not handle and it's always ending with something staying behind after they stop playing with the board. So if there was nothing in the lodge before they started playing with the spirit board then it was their own fault. I must admit that even though this episode Michelle Belanger was the medium/psychic on the show she wasn't as annoying as I normally find her to be.

The other episode S03E04 "Church of the Damned" was really creepy. The sons that were supposed to renovate the church seemed to be very very scarred which I can totally understand. Ryan being push down during dead time and those weird noises. Chip Coffin was the psychic on this episode and it was good to see him back on the show. This time they brought in a priest to help them who also blessed the church before leaving the clients alone in the place again.

In both episodes the people said after the PS team was there that they haven't had any experiences anymore. The family that own the church even started the renovation again which they had stopped because of the paranormal things going on. They where just too scared.

The next back to back episodes "The Sickness" and "Smoke & Shadows" air Monday (Feb 16th) 10/9c on A&E!

If you missed some of the episode of Paranormal State you can watch them online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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