Monday, February 23, 2009

The Amazing Race Season 14 Episode 2 (S14E02)

Oh my god are Christie and Jodi airheads! That was the most hilarious part seeing them running around with wood as they had to find the wood cutter. What in the world where they thinking they are doing or supposed to do? It's quite scary to think that they are stewardesses. I wouldn't want to be on a plane with them. But I guess it also show how easy the job is.

Linda and Steve are eliminated, who is really surprised about that? How did she not see the arrow as she was running down the mountain? It was obvious which way to run otherwise there would have been more running the wrong way. Wouldn't you look for markers to see where you have to go? I also thought he was going to break her finger in the car as she was pointing to a sign saying look where my finger is pointing to and he just crapped her finger. I so thought he is just going to break it!

This time Tammy and Victor where not as rude as the last episode so I kind of liked them a lot more. They had a really good run this time and they possible could be the team I end up hoping that will win.

The next episode of The Amazing Race airs Sunday 8pm ET/PT on cbs!

If you missed the season premiere you can watch it online. Just click on the image above and it will take you right there!

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