Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season 4 Episode 33 (S04E33)

Once in a while I like to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 but not like all the others that say oh how cute are the children etc. I am not like that. I really don't watch the show for the kids, I couldn't care less about them. I watch just out of curiosity to see how they live with 8 children and because of how nuts Kate is, she must be on some sort of mental medication! It amazes me every single episode again and again how Jon can be with her. For sure it must not be easy.

What fascinates me most about this show is how crazy the people get for the children! What is so special about them? They get free stuff left and right while they already have so many things and they do make quite some money with the show seeing how well they are milking it. Why not give something to children that really don't have anything instead of children with greedy parents? They try to explain everything away with that it is best for the children! It couldn't be any bigger BS! I think Kate is super greedy and takes everything she can while it lasts. Which isn't anything others don't do since that is the behavior of every body that gets these perks. But she should try to hide it better, also for the sake of the children. When the show is over and they grow older who is going to keep up with the lifestyle they are used to? When the money is gone Jon and Kate will be back in their old job or are they then going to try for just one more child?

I love how Kate explains over and over again that the house is less stress for them and best for the children. But I guess they never showed the house from the outside so the viewers are not too jealous. I mean the country is in recession but they buy a million dollar home (they probably got it half price because the people where desperate to sell!)?

I really hate how she speaks to Jon most of the time on the show. Sometimes if you don't look and just listen you would think she is talking to one of the children but then you see she is in fact talking to Jon!

"The Move" episode was quite interesting. I kind of just watched it because I wanted to see the house they bought. It does look very nice from the inside, the property as well.

The next episode "Walk in the Woods" airs Monday (Feb 9th) 9/8c on TLC!

If you missed some of the previous episode you can watch them in full online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.


Linda said...

Yup, I kinda agree. Its just fun to see how they live and deal with all the free stuff :)
Well, Im happy that the kids get all these trips and toys, cuz if you have seen earlier episodes, Kate said she had no idea how she would even feed the babies when they arrived from the hospital. I think she flinged upon somebody's mercy right from the very start. But on the other hand, who can blame her, Id be happy to save some money too LOL :) I just hope she tells her kids its not for granted, and free toys and loundry folding lady stop coming whith your first pimples...haha
And about the new house - I really wanted to see how it looks from the outside. Its just funny how they're hiding it.

The Blogger said...

I think you are totally right Linda, Kate really flinched upon somebody's mercy right from the start. I remember her saying that in the earlier episodes as well, which is understandable since they both just had regular jobs. I am really not blaming her for doing it either, I would have done so too but for my taste she just really lets it hang out too much. I was so waiting to see the new house! I guess they either didn't show it because they are scared that people could just come by and for the safety of the children or plainly so that we don't see what a nice house the money bought they made with the show! ;)

Anonymous said...

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