Sunday, February 22, 2009

13 Fear is Real Season 1 Episode 7 (S01E07)

Erica is the worst killer of the whole show. She made really dumb moves with the box. I really can not believe that she actually makes it into the final 3!

Adam was told by Ted and Nasser that Erica is the killer. He stuck with them until they went showering and he forgot his briefs. So he decides to go back to the room by himself only to be killed by Erica. I mean what did he think? She is not going to use her chance of killing him off? That was a really stupid move!

The final 4 then where put into stray jackets. The first 2 that come out would be save while the other 2 had to face the execution ceremony. Erica was the first to make it out and to be honest she made it look quite easy to escape ones of those jackets. The second one to make it out was Nasser, Melissa was actually also very close to make it out. So Melissa and Ted had to face the execution ceremony. Ted was sure from the start that he is going to come back from it, his motivation was to see Erica's face when she sees that he is back. I was hoping so too because he really can not stand any of those girls. Erika was horrible as killer and I really don't like her.

The execution ceremony was Ted and Melissa each in a car trunk. The car was brought into car crushers. The first one out of the trunk would be save while the other would be crushed. Ted flew through the ceremony and made it out first, hurt but he made it out. Erica wasn't happy about it at all which was awesome but now she just has to be killed next. I don't want to see her win....

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