Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8 Season 4 Episode 34 (S04E34)

I can not believe it but finally they showed the house! Well I guess just from the back but still we were able to get a glance of the house they were able to buy with all the TV money. Who say it doesn't pay off having so many children?

I am convinced after seeing the house that they spend at least $1 million on it if not more. I guess if you tale all the free stuff you can get and be able to save all of the money you make sooner or later you will be able to buy something like this. And don't you love Kate explaining it away all the time by saying the children deserve it? Well why doesn't she just straight out say that she deserves it, I mean she is thinking it! The children where just her way to get there.

The walk in the woods wasn't as good it probably should have been. The kids were just crying the whole time before they started to beat each other with sticks. You can clearly see that they are not really outdoor kids maybe thanks to Kate?

While Jon was wandering around the woods with the sextuplets Kate was in New York. Where were the twins? My guess Kate took them to New York to audition for something. I think it is just a matter of time before Kate starts trying to find acting or modeling jobs for the sextuplets as well. So any bets yet what age that will be?

The next episode "Home Sweet Home" airs Monday (Feb 16th) 9/8c on TLC!

If you missed some of the previous episode you can watch them in full online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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Linda said...

Didn't Jon at one moment say he had to pick the twins up from the school bus ?
But I wouldnt be surprised if they were actually going for auditions. Back when they took Mady and Cara to photoshooting, for countless times Kate repated they were doing that just for fun and they would never have the time to do auditions or anything, and a few episodes later...where are they? At that talent agent to see if the girls are good at acting..:)hahah
Anyways, I was just so mad, when I saw how negative Kate was on this episode's interview. Jon really is an amazing dad, he's so good with the kids and all he got from Kate was just rude, ungrateful blaaah blaah blaah.
Ok, that was just my opinion on this weeks episode :)
Oh, and I heard they are getting two, I can't wait to see that ! LOL