Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sober House Season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04)

This episode Andy Dick moved into the house. I really can not shake the feeling that he is acting the whole time the camera is on him. First I thought that it will be very interesting when he is in the house just to hear his story and all but that changed pretty quickly. Maybe next episode it will be different...

Amber got invited to a party by Kip Brennan (Hockey player, playing for the Hershey Bears, AHL). She got all excited because she went out with him and thought he would never ask her out again. Well her arriving at the party didn't really seem like he just invited her. I think she was just one of many girls he invited to have as many hot chick as possible there. The way he left her all standing there by herself and just paid attention to her later on after she started drinking. His whole behavior made him look like a jerk! She should have never gone to the party in the first place. Party and being sober just don't mix well. I think to enjoy a party you have got to be drunk otherwise you just see how stupid the others are. Amber wanted to go so badly and also didn't listen to any of the advice from the others. After staying sober for a while at the party she just gave in and started drinking because she didn't want to be the one standing in the corner that nobody talks to. Well if your only choice of having fun means partying then I do feel quite sorry for you! Because if staying sober means being the girl in the corner nobody talks to then it is definitely not the right choice of hangout for a sober person! Being back to drunk Amber she ended up sleeping with Kip and wait for the pick up line:

Amber: Do you like the dress I bought?

Kip: Yeah, it will look good on the floor

and gone they are....

Well I guess her call to the house that she will come home late is just a first sign of her being on the straight way back to addiction.

The preview for the next episode was good so I am looking forward to that one.

The next episode of Sober House airs Thursday Feb. 12th 10pm EST on Vh1!

If you missed the second episode you can watch it right here:

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