Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Medium Season 5 Episode 2 (S05E02)

"Things to do in Phoenix when you're dead" was a really good episode. Allison dream of a murder. She saw that there was another ghost that witnessed the whole thing so as she turn up at the crime scene and she sees that "ghost" she tries to speak with him. As she tries to find out who she is and runs into dead ends she finds him sitting on a bench in front of a hospital watching his wife and daughter play. Allison tries again to speak with him and says that she know how hard it must be to deal with being dead and all just to see he is not dead at all! He is fully alive and says he has no idea what she is talking about.

Allison though sees in her next dream what he is up to. Brian and Victoria (both working at the hospital) play with life and death. He has a brain tumor and found out that when he passes out and his heart stops he can go places and people don't see him. So knowing he just has 18 month left to life he and Victoria try to blackmail people that do something they shouldn't have. So also the guy who killed the girl. They want $500,000 from him for not telling the police that he is the murder. Allison tells Brain that she knows and makes a deal with him. He gives her the name of the murder and the fingernails they took from the girl to have something against the murder and in return she waits until 5 pm to have him arrested because by then they will have the money from him. Brian wants the money for his family so after he is dead they can pay off his medical school loans and will have something to live off.

Victoria tries to persuade Brian to do it just one more time because since they are sharing the money half half $250,000 are not enough for his family she is trying to explain. Brian believes her and does it again only this time Victoria is not bringing him back (she has to shock his heart to bring him back). She makes his death look like suicide and keeps the whole $500,000 for herself. Brian told Allison about it and Allison awaits Victoria at a dinner Brian told her she would stop at on her way to Mexico. While Allison talks to Victoria inside the widow of Brian steals the $500,000 out of the trunk of Victoria's car. Brian told them exactly where they would find the money and a second key to her car. So now it's Allison's turn for a deal. Victoria doesn't try to steal the money back and Allison is not going to bring a case against her.

One of my favorite episode of Medium! Very funny at some point especially with Ariel and the baby doll assignment from school.

The next episode "A Person of Interest" (Patricia Arquette's directorial debut) airs Monday (Feb 16th) 10/9c on NBC!

If you missed "Things to do in Phoenix when you're Dead" or the season premiere "Soul Survivor" of Medium you can watch them online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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