Monday, February 16, 2009

Rock of Love Season 3 Episode 6 (S03E06)

It was time for Bret's Mud Bowl. The teams where bus against bus because they can't stand each other naturally. During the game Ashley pulled down most of the girl pants trying to win the game for the "fun blondes". The brunettes (blue bus) ended up winning much to the dislike of the blondes. The MVP was Mindy, Ashley was really hoping for that title but seeing how she already spend a night with Bret in his tour bus that was least likely to happen.

So Mindy won a trip with Bret to Texas where he gave a concert. She then after the concert spend the night with him before returning to the other girls in Memphis.

To be honest there was not much going on in this episode beside sloppy stories from Jennifer and Bret. I don't want to see that on a show like that. I can watch Oprah or Dr. Phil for that. In the end Bret sent Jennifer home. Britannya was very close to be eliminated because Bret just can't talk to her. She says she is shy and so doesn't talk much, but the way she dresses and how fast she is all over Bret you would think she is just a slut.

The next episode of Rock of Love Bus airs Sunday 9pm EST on Vh1!

If you have missed the previous episode (S03E05) "Eight is not enough" you can watch it right here: (Full episode in 6 videos)

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