Thursday, February 12, 2009

Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode 14 (S04E14)

Cybil Shepard guest starred on this weeks episode "A Mother's Love" of Criminal Minds. I loved the show she had in the 90s "Cybil" one of my absolute favorite show ever. But man did she look old in the episode.

I was happy to see Jennifer Jereau (A.J. Cook) is back on the show. I really couldn't stand the one that replaced her for a couple episodes. It's enough we have to deal with Joe Mantegna on the show. In my opinion the show would be so much better without him but I guess they don't think so.

The last episode "Bloodline" was quite weird but good this one was just as every other Criminal Minds episode. I like to watch the show but sometimes I really think there are so many crime show that it just gets too much. But funny is that barely one of them ever gets canceled. We alway just see good show like Jericho or Blade being canceled, the most boring and most common show normally survive which is a total mystery to me.

The next episode "Zoe's Reprise" airs Wednesday Feb. 18th 9pm ET/PT on cbs!

If you have missed "A Mother's Love" you can click on the image above and it will take you to some highlights of the episode.

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