Friday, February 13, 2009

Survivor Season 18 Episode 1 (S18E01)

Survivor is back. Great season premiere on top of that. Sandy is insane, the clue she found on the beach to find the immunity idol was so clear. 10 paces and sole palm seriously her older and wiser thing is not really working out for. She has got to be 150 before she is anywhere near being wise.

Carolina got voted out as first person and I was happy about that, she has nothing better to worry about then cleaning up and stressing out the others over it? She should have known that shit is not going to fly there.The way she approached it was just wrong. Why didn't she just start doing things? But she didn't seem to be that bright either. Now Sandy can be the next one from that tripe to go home.

I think to vote on first impressions I would have voted for Sierra as well. She just didn't look fit enough so I wasn't surprised. I think she did redeem herself building the shelter and starting to organize the camp while others weren't there yet. Sandy just looking for the idol was stupid, she should have done something. I mean she didn't even find it!

The season premiere did promise and nice season so I am in for ride and looking forward to the next episode!

The next episode of Survivor airs Thursday 8pm ET/PT on cbs!

If you missed the season premiere you can watch it online. Just click on the image above and it will take you right there!

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