Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Chef Season 5 Episode 14 (S05E14)

This is now officially the most pathetic show on TV, there is no show that fixes the outcome more obvious than Top Chef. Carla or Stefan deserved to win so much more than Hosea. I am sure Carla would have won if she would have not listened to Casey and just cooked the food she wanted to cook. I thought right away as Casey opened her mouth that is going to be Carla's downfall! I mean there is a reason Casey didn't win! Casey should not even have been there this season finale, they should have had someone else there.

I think this season they wanted someone to win from Colorado so that a "local" is the Top Chef at this years Food and Wine Classic in Aspen. This is just truly the biggest BS ever, at least they should try to make it not that obvious that they choose who wins the show not based on the food rather than the personality they want to work with! Hosea didn't deserve it, he was so often in the bottom group that it's not even possible that he won! Stefan won way more challenges and cooked the better dishes! Just as Fabio said in the last episode with eliminating him (Fabio) they gave it to Hosea, he was so right.

Oh, and did you see Hosea kissing his ho at the end of the show? What is up with that are they finally together now since they eliminated their partners during the show thanks to his ho? I so can't stand her.

It really makes me not want to watch this show anymore. It changed so much since the beginning that you can not even tell that it was a better show in the beginning! I really have to think if I want to watch another season of this pathetic show....

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