Monday, January 19, 2009

Without a Trace Season 7 Episode 12 (S07E12)

Thomas Calabro guest stars as Eddie Gilroy, I still remember him in Melrose Place as Dr. Michael Mancini. Eddie Gilroy owns a bar which he is in danger of losing but luck seems to change as a religious statue he owns starts crying and seems to work miracles. He hears the statue talking to him and his employee's child gets miraculously healed. But it also brings a lot of bad things with it. The guy he launders money for thinks it's going to draw too much attention to the bar and his brother tries to rob the bar because he wants some money from it too. And in the middle of it is the story of his daughter and his disappearance.

Without a Trace stayed a strong show throughout all seasons. The little fling between Jack Malone and Samantha Spade is always interesting to watch especially now that Brian Donovan (Adam Kaufman) the Baby Daddy of her child wants to be in the child's life after all. And remember he did sign the papers waiver his rights as father of the child away. So lets see how that story goes on.

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If you have missed the episode you can watch here some highlights of the episode "Weeping St. Teresa" (S07E12)

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