Friday, January 23, 2009

Burn Notice Season 2 Episode 10 (S02E10)

First off, if you have missed the episode "Do No Harm" you have totally missed Gabrielle Anwar in bikini! And let me tell you she looked amazing. A lot of twenty something year olds were probably very very jealous. Gabrielle Anwar being 38 (Feb. 4th 39) years old looks amazing. She must put a lot for work into keeping that body toned. And to be honest in the same scene you could also see Stacy Heiduk (played Rachel) in bikini but there is no comparison! Stacy looked way too muscular and weirdly shaped. Gabrielle totally was the better looking one there!

The break from Burn Notice was quite long and to see what happened last time on Burn Notice in the beginning of the show was quite essential because I really couldn't remember a bit of what happened in the last episode. I guess in order to remember it must be the only show you are watching otherwise it's just simply impossible!

Carla (Tricia Helfer) official hires Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) to find out who tried to kill him. Michaels new side job is helping a father, who got scammed out of $250,000, to get the money back so he can pay for his sons treatment. The woman who took the money from him recommended a doctor (who works for her) which gave the son some pills that did seem to work in the beginning until it got worse and they found out the pills were pills for pets. Michael has some problem with having come so close to death the last episode that Sam has to help him focusing on the task at hand. The interegation trick with throwing someone out the window just so the other talks was very impressive! Also Fiona beating up Rachel was quite interesting to see. In the end Michael gets $500,000 out of Rachel and she confesses to the police. Her muscle man and doctor were also dropped off at the police station. Well better said tied up behind the police station!

All in all I can say is that Brun Notice is back stronger and better then ever.

The next episode of Burn Notice "Hot Spot" airs Thursday Jan. 29th on usa!

If you missed the episode "Do no harm" you can watch it online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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