Friday, January 23, 2009

The new adventures of old Christine Season 4 Episode 14 (S04E14)

Bachelor and Bachelorette party time! And where do you go for that? That's right Vegas baby! New Christine had a bachelorette party thrown by her coworkers which consisted of them going to the cafeteria buying her a bran muffin and a mug with her new name on there "Wendy Campbell". As she started working there everyone thought her name was Wendy and she missed to tell them it's not so she just stuck with it. 5 years later they still think her name is Wendy and give her the mug. Meanwhile Matthew planed Richard's party. His brother is coming to town and they party together playing Lasertag! Richards brother has a problem with Matthew being the best man for Richard but as Richard asks him to be his best man he said yes just to say afterwards that he doesn't have time to come to the wedding if they can move the date. Seeing how he can't do any month of the year Richard gives the best man task back to Matthew, which he begrudgingly takes back with little persuasion. Which really doesn't change that he still doesn't know where he left the wedding rings. Richards employees quite seem to have a problem with him which is taking Lasertag to a whole new level!

Christine and Barb decide to give New Christine a real Bachelorette party and take her to Vegas. New Christine soon discovers that she really likes Tequila which she never had before. So she just keeps the Tequila shots coming and soon is ready for the kissing contest! Before Christine and Barb realize what they have unleashed it's already too late. Leaving her shirt behind she is a woman with a mission to beat the record of old Christine's kissing contest (which is 20 strangers). Having found her they lose her again in the bathroom this time with leaving her top behind. At least this time it's easier to find her running around just in her bra! So there she is sitting at the bar with the creepy dude they met before she got drunk and Christine told to meet her at the slot machine in 1 hour. Before they can reach her it's too late and she kisses him. At least now she thinks she has had her wild times and she is ready to marry Richard!

I am sure this season we will see the weeding of new Christine and Richard. Maybe as season finale? If you have missed the episode "What happens in Vegas is Disgusting in Vegas" you can watch some highlights below.

The next episode of The new adventures of old Christine airs Wednesday 8pm ET/PT on cbs!

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