Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bachelor Season 13 Episode 1 (S13E01)

I so thought the episode is never gonna end! Is it only me or do you also think the first episode is always way too long? After a while I just can't take it anymore. The woman just get annoying trying to get the first impression rose or not being one of the 10 women that have to go home at the end of the evening. I know the second and third episodes have aired already, but I just finished the first one. Why do people even go on this show? How many of the couples formed by this show actually make it in real life? I know they always show one and the same couple as example on how successful the show is, but DeAnna broke up with Jesse and I think she knew she should have chosen Jason! Is that why she is going to return to this season of the Bachelor?

What is up with the stalkers in the show? I so think Shannon the dental hygienist is totally creepy. The best is that Jason likes how much she knows about him, to me that is plainly creepy and screams for a restraining order! I do think she looks kind of weird too. She is so proud of her job and had to say in the beginning how dental hygiene is so important for that the whole episode I couldn't stop looking at her mouth every time they showed her and she has a really weired looking one too. I so hoped she would be going home, but sadly she did receive a rose, go figure.

The next episode of The Bachelor airs Monday 8/7c on abc!

If you missed the any of the episodes of The Bachelor you can watch them online! Just click on the link below or the image above and will take you right there.

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