Sunday, January 18, 2009

Supernatural Season 4 Episode 11 (S04E11)

Finally a new episode of Supernatural! That was quite a long break for a Supernatural addict! I have watched every single episode and it just keep getting better. I think with every season the show has become better and more horror movie like. The latest episode "Family Remains" is one of my favorite episodes. Very creepy and when it comes to the end you wish it would have been longer! Supernatural is just a show I can not get enough of!

So many times I have thought this is the end now one of them is dead and the show has to end some weird way only to see them getting resurrected again! The writers should be very well paid and treated like the stars.

In "Family Remains" Dean and Sam try solve a murder on a farm where they think it was the work of a ghost only to be interrupted by a family that is ready to move in. Telling them the house has a gas leak and asbestos and they should stay in a hotel they think they have the house for them self to get rid of the ghost. After returning from some research they find the family moved into the house. The children already having encountered the "ghost" they now have to tell them the truth. It is a race of life and death till the end and if you did not watch it you have certainly missed a lot!

The next episode "Criss Angel is a douche bag" airs Thursday 9/8c on The CW! Below you can find a sneak peak.

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