Sunday, January 18, 2009

Psych Season 3 Episode 11 (S03E11)

How many times have they helped out Lassiter so far? As we all know Lassiter is not really happy with Shawn and Gus getting into Police investigations all the time, but they have helped him out quite a few times. Just the previous episode "Six feet under the sea" they helped him with the drug smuggler ring that got away. So this time they have to prove Lassiter's innocence. Lassister arrests for the second time a gang leader that got away the first time because the D.A. couldn't make the charges stick. After hiding out Lassiter finally got him and in the Holding cell of the Police. Well only to find out that the FBI wants him to work with them in a different case, which means that he is going to be a witness and is getting away again with his crimes. So the story begins. Everything points to Lassiter, who is now suspended. Shawn gets this time a little too close to the truth which puts him in danger as well.....

I don't wanna tell too much in case you did not watch the episode yet. But believe me you should! I still wonder if Jules and Shawn will ever be a couple? Jules new partner (while Lassiter was suspended) said that she constantly talks about Shawn, so do you sign say yes they are going to be together at some point? Shawn is after her since episode one so how long do we have to wait? But let's be honest maybe that would take out something special of the show if they would be a couple. I guess we have to wait and see....

The next episode airs Friday 10/9c on usa!

But not so fast there only if you are from the USA you can watch it online. Just click on the photo above and it takes you right there.

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