Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sober House Season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02)

Steven's high continues this episode. He keeps using and finally Jennifer Gimenez is calling the cops on him. Seeing him high made me think why do people do drugs? What is so cool about looking like that? I do believe someone must have brought the drugs in for him though. Because didn't they search his things and made sure the house is safe for the others as well? So where did the drugs come from? Someone must have brought it in for him! I really think that it was right to call the cops on Steven. He has had his chance the day before. Also talking to Dr. Drew he told him that he felt guilt and didn't feel good about the relapse, but it seems like addicts say what you want to hear but shouldn't Dr. Drew know that and shouldn't he not have believed him so quickly? Seeing Steven walking high through the house trying to find his room was just hilarious!

This time they had a BBQ at the Sober House. Everyone invited friends and family and some of them had quite some attitude. Seeing how Steven relapse it kind of makes me think that none of them were ready to step out of rehab and they should have stayed in rehab for longer. But as I said before I don't believe any of them are going to make it and stay clean. Most of them probably will relapse pretty soon. And Rodney is still my #1 guess of who is going to the only one staying sober!

Next episode they decide to go into a nightclub so lets see how that works out for them.

The next episode airs Thursday (Jan. 29nd) 10pm EST on Vh1.

If you missed the first episode (S01E01) of Sober House you can watch it right here

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