Friday, January 23, 2009

Supernatural Season 4 Episode 12 (S04E12)

So "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag" well I guess the title says what we all already know. But the episode didn't promise too much. Episode info from The CW website

A mysterious death draws Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to a town full of old-school magicians. Their investigation leads them to Charlie (guest star John Rubenstein), Jay (guest star Barry Bostwick) and Vernon (guest star Richard Libertini), three friends who were famous magicians in their day but have now been replaced by flashier, younger magicians.

One of them has made a deal to acquire real magical powers, but the price was extremely high. Sam and Dean must figure out a way to reverse the spell before others are harmed.

I must admit the last episode "Family Remains" and "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag" were really really nice again. But just until Ruby (Genevieve Cortese) had to be in the show again. It just reminded me on the other episode where it was all about the seals being broken and whatever. I really do like the episode which focus on one case rather than all this angel and Lilith (Sierra McCormick) stuff. Like the older episode just with more gore and violence. They had a mission back then too hunting the demon that killed the mother but it was not necessarily as much of the main part of the show as now all this new stuff is. All in all I really hope for more of these kind of episodes.

The next episode "After School Special" airs Thursday 9/8c on The CW!

If you missed the episode "Family Remains" (S04E11) you can watch it online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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