Sunday, January 25, 2009

Psych Season 3 Episode 12 (S03E12)

This time Shawn and Gus are joining a investigation to catch a arsonist. In every burned down building they also found a dead body so who is starting the fires? All buildings were build in 1998 and now they have to be brought up to code. But one after another goes up in flames. and each time there is a dead body in one of the walls. Shawn soon has one of the chiefs as his main suspect. But he turns up dead in the next burned down house. So who is it?

If you have not watched it you should and I am not giving up who is the arsonist and why all the dead bodies. I think this episode was a average Psych episode. We have seen better ones but it's still funny and watchable. I kind of thought the Morgan Conrad character was weird and I really didn't like her. Was it maybe just bad acting? Whatever it was she also reminded me of Missy Peregrym from Reaper. And I really don't like her either. So my first thought was oh no not another show she is on but then after realizing it's not her my thought was ok maybe it's not so bad after all. But it just was bad. I think she always looked like a deer caught in headlights! Lets hope the next one is going to be better again.

The next episode airs Friday 10/9c on usa!

If you missed the episode you can watch it online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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