Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kitchen Nightmares Season 2 Episode 11 "Cafe 36" (S02E11)

Sometimes I wonder how the restaurant owners can not see what is wrong with their business. Do they not try their food? Do they never go into the kitchen? How blind are they? Some say I talked to customers and they said the food was good, well yeah do you really think they are going to tell you the truth?

Some of the restaurants that were on the show made me question if I should ever eat out again. I am sure there are many restaurant out there were hygiene is a unknown word. So how can we really be sure? My local fast food joint has glass windows in the kitchen and every time you look in there it is spotless clean. Either you see them prepare food or cleaning up so I am kind of re relieved about that!

I must admit Gordon Ramsey is one of the only Brits I enjoy watching (and actually understand) on TV! I have watched the UK version of Kitchen nightmares before the US one came on and it was just as great as the US show. Gordon Ramsey shows are a must watch on my list!

Cafe 36 what the owners call a american bistro. Well the owners kind of seemed very clueless about owning and running a restaurant. But seriously if you own a restaurant and you have a chef like Pinto would you really just sit by and let him serve the food he did and have the customers wait as long? Sometimes I just really don't understand how people can be that blind. The most funny thing was Terry standing his ground with the waiter, loved the reply from Terry "If you want to keep working here keep it to yourself". I mean as a boss wouldn't you be interested what your employees would do different and their opinions? As just because Gordon told you to stand up for yourself you don't have to do it to the person who speaks the truth do it to your damn chef that causes most of the problems! Sometimes maybe employees see things in a light you haven't thought off and some of the ideas would maybe pay off better than yours. So there is a reason companies have these idea boxes (so they can steal your idea and make big money with it!). So Terry maybe that would be something for you as well instead of telling them to keep it to them self if they want to keep their job!

What did Gordon's team change in the renovation beside the color on the wall and dishes? I couldn't tell that much of a difference. The owners did seem very nice even though very new to the industry and kind of lost but they were the first ones to ever give a present to Gordon which I thought was kind of nice and not as selfish as the other restaurant owner who just took.

The next episode of Kitchen Nightmares airs Thursday 9/8c on Fox!

If you missed the episode Kitchen Nightmares "Cafe 36" you can watch it online! Just click on the image above and it will take you right there. Sadly Fox just allows you to watch the full episode on it's website if you are in the USA.

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