Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leverage Season 1 Episode 9 (S01E09)

Their German was awesome, I wonder how long it took them to learn that! This was definitely my favorite episode so far! Parker hanging off the ski lift was hilarious. Nate drinking all the time doesn't really fit in the show. It takes away from the strong show it is of this power team and turns it into an average show that you can watch anywhere else. I really hope they don't continue with that, or do they plan on that being part of a cliff hanger between seasons? Something like the team walks out of him because of his drinking and next season he is all sobered up trying to get everyone together believing and trusting in him again? That would just be lame and I am sure they can do better!

The Leverage teams takes on a job for family which has lost their house to their contractor through a scam that he pulled. After starting the job they find out that the family wasn't the only one and that they have done the same thing to 400 families. So Nate decides to not only help the one but help all of them. Now they have to come up with a new strategy and they do. Instead of just taking $500,000 from them they want to take their company. They play the contractors family (who run the business together) against each other, take their company, help the police arrest the contractor and evict them from their own house just to give it to the clients that they started out the job with.

The next episode "The 12-Step Job" airs Tuesday 10/9c on TNT!

If you missed any of the previous episodes you can watch them online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

Here is a sneak peak of next weeks episode "The 12-Step Job"

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