Saturday, January 24, 2009

10 Items or less Season 3 Episode 3 (S03E03)

Leslie wants to have a Star Trek convention in the Greens & Grains stores which Paramount doesn't allow him to have because they say that he wants to make money of it. He simply decide instead of calling it a Star Trek convention he is going to call it a Star Trok convention! And what else do you need for a convention? Yes you are right the stars of the series so he decides to invite them hoping they would read Star Trek and not Star Trok (so basically trick them into coming).

At the day of the convention Leslie, Ingrid and Jolene Blalock (the only star who thought there would be a Star Trek convention) are getting trapped in the refrigerator. Well as you may can guess now they have to try and get out.

Overall so far I loved 10 Items or less and thought every single episode was super funny. But to be honest this one kind of disappointed me. I am not a Star Trek fan and also the whole script of the show seemed pretty lame. I mean the 3 hanging on ladders? Launch shaft? That was just way too much. On a high note though Ingrid was in a very tight body suite, guess that was to apologize for the poor script! The episode did have some funny bits here and there but mostly not so much. Hope the next one will be better again!

The next episode airs Tuesday 11/10c on tbs.

If you missed a episode you can watch it online! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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