Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top Chef Season 5 Episode 9 (S05E09)

That was the biggest load of BS I have ever heard on this show. Hosea and Leah, last week we have already seen in the preview that this episode they are going to show them cuddling and kissing, but then afterwards to listen to them explain was the weirdest thing. Leah and Hosea both said they kissed and especially Hosea said how he should have not let it go so far. Well Hosea you hit the nail on it's head right there. If both of them have partners at home that they wanna go back to after the show and that they love why even sit there and cuddle and hug the whole time? Does that make any sense? Leah saying that she has a boyfriend that she pretty much wants to be with after she show and which is probably not going to happen was just ridiculous. The way she said it sounded like I don't wanna be with him I would rather be with Hosea but I have to make it sound like I am not the bad one here even though on the show it looked like I started the whole thing! I so hoped she would go home, I really can't stand her in the show anymore. She can't even cook fish right.

Do you remember the first season how small that place was they got as restaurant in restaurant wars? Wasn't it back then just a garage or something? The place they had now seemed so big and a way bigger challenge. Radhika totally dropped the ball on this one and I think it was the right decision of the judges to send her home. I remember her saying in the first episode that she is Indian but she doesn't just want to cook Indian influenced food. But didn't all the dishes she made have something Indian in them? I guess what people say and do on this show are two totally different things.

What was the new British judge saying on the show? Something about Elvis? I really don't like that judge and hope he is going soon. I guess the show had higher hopes for him as well. Do you see how the other judges look at him when he talks?

Here is a sneak peak of the next episode were some of the contestants from previous seasons are back

The next episode of Top Chef airs Wednesday 10/9c on Bravo!

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