Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rock of Love: Rock of Love Bus Season 3 Episode 2 (S03E02)

Just watched the latest episode of hooker parade, oh sorry my mistake Rock of Love. The first questions that always come to mind watching the show is where do they find those girls? I mean is there somewhere a list in Hollywood of girls that would do anything and I mean anything to be on TV? How can they have any pride? Do they check their dignity on the door before they enter the show? What do they think they get out of it? Fame? Rich husband? Baby Daddy? A new life? Whatever it is I got news for them you ain't gonna get it. I think the girls going on shows like Rock of Love or Flavor of Love can just not do anything else and who really is surprised about that, seeing how all they do is drink their brains out!

Well this episode they got to play wedding with Bret. So they had to chose a wedding dress from the provided outfits sponsored by hookers'r'us and then walk down the isle one after another reading vows and maybe giving Bret a present. The one that refused to dress like a hooker and whore the clothes that mostly represent her and that gave him the perfect gifts (some motocross stuff) of course didn't win (well didn't surprise me seeing how he wants a crazy wild hooker kind of chick)

And of course they are the few stalkers in the bunch as well. You know the ones that want him all to them self, already have a connection with him and think he should not talk or look at another woman ever. They can ask to be send home and he still keeps them around playing right into their fantasy that they are meant to be. Crying the whole show that they don't get enough attention, forcing them to do crazy stuff and causing trouble.

If that wasn't crazy enough for you yet and you want to see Lacey again on the show then tune in for the next episode Sunday (Jan. 18th) 9pm on VH1!

And in case you still haven't seen the first episode here you go

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