Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rock of Love: Rock of Love Bus Season 3 Episode 4 (S03E04)

How much alcohol do they supply the girls with? You see them constantly with a glass of something in their hand, sometimes even with 2. Marcia being drunk already early in the morning?

Maria got sick and is not in the show anymore. She was brought to a hospital were Bret visited her. The rest of the girls got split in 2 teams of 4 (because there are 9 girls left Marcia had to sit the challenge out and automatically was part of the winner group who would win VIP treatment). The group had each a stage that they had to take apart and load, including instrument, in trailers. Taya fell of the stage which look quite painful and Mindy left her team in the beginning of the challenge to go to the bathroom. The red team won the roadie challenge and got the VIP treatment which consisted of backstage room with food and more alcohol, dresses and jewelry. Also the 6 girls (Marcia, Beverly, Natasha, Brittanya, Ashley and Kelsey) were able to be on stage during the concert at the Horseshoe casino in Chicago. Kelsey who was on the losing team was able to join the winner because she had the phone with the ring back song. Marcia gave away the jewelry she got from Bret to a fan which Bret didn't like that much and for what she got eliminated in the end.

Beverly ended up being so drunk at the after party that she made out with the drummer from Bret. So obviously she was up for elimination as well. Bret said in the elimination ceremony that he wouldn't come to her party and make out with one of her friends. But doesn't he make out with all those other skanks on the show? Isn't that a little hypocritical? Anyway the episode was as funny as ever with lots of drunks skanks, puking and fighting.

The next episode of Rock of Love Bus airs Sunday 9pm EST on Vh1!

If you have missed the previous episode (S03E03) "Babes on Ice" you can watch it right here

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