Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rock of Love: Rock of Love Bus Season 3 Episode 3 (S03E03)

What happened this episode you are wondering? Skanks on ice, sock thief, boyfriend and hair extensions. Thats basically it. Oh and Lacey was back! The girls had a ice hockey competition were they had to bring baby Bret safe into one of the goals in order to receive points. Lacey played against the skanks together with a girl hockey team. The pink team (Beverly, Melissa, Brittaney and Maria) won and got to go on a date with Bret. But stop before you think it was some kind of nice date to get to know each other. They got to go to "Big Al's" and shred their stuff in front of Bret and everybody else in the strip club. Beverly wasn't so much into it which really nobody can fault her for. Not everybody can be as skanky as the others are. The other three were quite enjoying them self on the stage.

While Brittaney was on the date the other girls were going through her bunk bed in the bus. And what treasures they found. She had a stash of food in her bed and the socks all the girls wore playing hockey! Seriously, why did she take them? Did she know she wasn't going to win it and planed on selling the socks on eBay when the show airs? I quite frankly think she is delusional, her talk about that she was a producer and director of adult movies, but isn't she missing the point that she starred in them too?Further on she said that she is not ashamed of her past and that she has moved on and is now a different person and wants to have a family. Brittaney listen for being a different person you felt quite comfortable on stage and it didn't really seem like you are that proud of your past job choices the way you broke down talking about them!

Later after the date in the middle of the night the other girls overheard Melissa talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. Telling him how she is not feeling Bret, that Bret has hair extension and that she is so better than this and doesn't wanna be there anymore! I never believed his hair was real, so that doesn't come as a shocker. He even admitted it at the elimination ceremony, or better said he had to! So not hard to guess that he sent Melissa and Brittaney packing.

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