Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sober House Season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03)

In the beginning of the episode the show continued from the second episode as Steven got arrested. Of course the rest of the house was in chaos which is totally understandable. Steven did get bailed out the next morning but only to go to treatment to sober up once again. And who are we all kidding he is not going to sober up no matter what they do. I think he is just in way too deep in the whole thing. And what was up Jennifer Gimenez showing her black and blue spots on her legs. Was that saying thats what Steven did to her or what? How can they just show that and not make it clear. It could have been that it wasn't him and she just wanted to say that that is what could have happened. But the way she did it made it seem like Steven did that. I think she should have said something instead of just showing it. But maybe they will clarify it next episode since they are going to show Steven then the footage of him being high!

Mary Carey, Seth Binzer, Amber Smith and Nikki McKibbin went out to party at Les Deux Nightclub. I guess if you are a addict thats the right choice for you being around people that do what you are not supposed to. Seth took off and went to some other club while the other 3 did stay at Les Deux drinking juice and water. They did come back to the house in time for their curfew too unlike Seth. Thinking he did drugs they all were kind of worried until he came home at 2:30am sober and with food. Rodney was the only one to not go partying but go out with Jennifer for dinner.

This episode Jennifer is coming to the group meeting so they can talk about what happened the night before. I was expecting Dr. Drew to support Jennifer in her decision to call the cops on Steven but it really didn't seem like it. I have totally lost any respect I had for Dr. Drew. The way he handle it was wrong. In the beginning they said they get warnings and if they do it again they get kicked out. Dr. Drews also always says it's about setting boundaries and that there have to be rules. Well I guess he can make, break and bend the rules as he pleases. Steven should be kicked out if Dr. Drew wants it or not. He didn't respect the house rules, Jennifer or the other people in the house.

To me this episode really showed that this show is not about helping the people it is just about making money, giving people what they want to see and exploiting the celebrities going on the show. I have said before that the show is not helping anybody but Vh1 and Dr. Drews bank account. Now we all saw it on TV!

The next episode of Sober House airs Thursday 10pm EST on Vh1!

If you missed the second episode you can watch it right here:

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