Sunday, January 18, 2009

The City Season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04)

I have never seen so many fake people in one show! I thought The Hills was bad with how superficial and shallow everybody is but this show just set the bar a lot higher! Every time they show Olivia together with Whitney you can just plainly tell how jealous Olivia is. She always looks like she is going to explode when Whitney gets good comments about her work. The best was as Olivia was asked to help Whitney! The way she looked I thought she is just going to get it over with and just kill Whitney right on the spot. I think the only thing that held her back was that it's Whitney's show and no Whitney means no show. Olivia seems to be the most shallow person I have ever seen on any of these shows like The City or The Hills! How can those kind of people build up any real friendship when they are too busy being in love with them self and backstabbing others? Mystery to me but I guess it works out perfectly for them! It must be that if a bunch of those people meet up they become instant best friends for the 30 minutes they spend together. And after that you know each other and use each other to get where you want to be.

As I first heard Whitney would get her own show I thought how nice that was because she seemed to be the nicest girl on The Hills. I always thought she was kind of the most down to earth one and not as stuck up, but after watching the first episodes of The City, it's kind of sickening. She is just as fake as everybody else and fits in perfectly, the show is more annoying than The Hills could ever be. Be honest who could live without Heidi and Spencer new stories? Weren't they supposedly going to have their own show? What happened with that?

The next episode of The City airs Monday 10pm ET on MTV!

If you missed the episode or all of them you can watch it online, and that you can no matter where you live! Just click on the image above and will take you right there.

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