Friday, January 30, 2009

Top Chef Season 5 Episode 10 (S05E10)

What was All-Stars about the All-Stars? To me the only good All-Stars were Miguel, Spike and Andrew the others are pretty weak chefs and I think the seasons they were on they didn't really do anything special did they? Andrea got kicked out twice in her season so why was she there? I really think they just couldn't get anybody of the better chefs to come back so who to choose if you don't have a good group to select from? Well choose the best of the worst I guess.

It was season 5 against the All-Stars in a football battle. One member of each team had to choose a football team which regional food they had to cook. Then they went head to head, the judges winner would get 7 points while the fan favorite would get 3. The chefs from season 5 that didn't get more points then the All-Star chef would automatically go up for elimination. And I really couldn't believe that the 3 chefs that went up for elimination were the strongest ones there Jeff, Fabio and Stefan! I knew they would send home Jeff that wasn't even a question for me seeing how Stefan and Fabio won quite some challenges. I was hoping for Leah to go home today but she won the head to head sadly! Well there is still next week were she can go home. My bet is that either Stefan or Fabio are going to win the title of Top Chef this season. I really like Carla but I don't think she has a chance, even though I would like to see her win!

The next episode of Top Chef airs Wednesday 10/9c on Bravo!

Here is a sneak peak of whats next on Top Chef

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