Friday, January 16, 2009

Top Chef Season 5 Episode 8 (S05E08)

I have watched Top Chef ever since it started. I still like the first season most plainly out of the reason that they didn't try to be like any other show, they kind of did their own thing. Now if a chef tempers with food through chemicals or other weird things they win that competition for sure. Some examples are Fabio who won the challenge where he tempered with the olives so the inside where soft, Richard from Season 4 and Marcel from Season 2. I always thought nowadays people want more eco food. Like free range chicken, eco products from the farmers market etc. but not the food Top Chef promotes with that. I mean is what the average person wants really that much different then what gourmet eaters want? Do they not want fresh natural ingredients?

I really do understand why they send Ariane packing, but I think Leah should have gone home. She didn't do much for the team at least Ariane tried. Leah where just good about throwing Ariane under the bus. I so hope she goes home next time. Leah tied the lamb and she should have taken the fall for it. But I am confident she will be one of the next ones to go home.

And did you see the preview for next weeks show (if not watch it below)? Leah and Hosea? Are you serious? Didn't he say in one of the previous shows how he has a girlfriend or fiancé or something? I think this is the first love drama on the show isn't it? I think none of the previous season ever had that if I can remember right.

And what is up with that new judge? I so hope Gail will be back at some point but why does every show need to have a British person in it? I really don't like the new judge he ain't funny and he doesn't bring anything new to the show. Why couldn't any of the other guest judges that where ever on the show be the new judge? I just don't get why every show needs it's own British person but I guess it was just a matter of time until Top Chef had theirs. Maybe Top Chef got their British person this season because the people liked Mark from Australia last season so much.

Well make sure you don't miss the next episode. It airs Wednesday 10/9c on Bravo.

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