Wednesday, January 28, 2009

13 Fear is Real Season 1 Episode 3 (S01E03)

Finally the killer used the death box and killed Steffinnie. I am not quite sure anymore that Cody has the death box. It totally could be Ted or Rodney. I mean Ted really has this scary creepy look. I am curious who it ends up to be. Maybe I am all wrong and it actually is one of the girls! Most of the episode they were guessing who the killer could be. And obviously they were wrong with thinking it was Steffinnie!

This time for the challenge the 10 remaining players got split up. 5 had to walk away from to camp to a location and the other 5 had to sit on chairs in front of the cabin. The 5 left at camp had each a map and a walkie talkie which they had to communication with one of the other 5 with. So together they had to collect 5 pieces to then form a pentagram with. The last team to find the pieces and finish the pentagram had to face the execution ceremony. Erica was really horrible at the challenge, Ryan got totally frustrated with her and obviously they lost the challenge because she couldn't find the last piece. At the execution ceremony the two were tied to a tree each and blind folded. They had to take the blind fold off and untie the robe around they wrists and slip out the robes they were tied with onto the trees. While they were working on the robes they had dogs in front of them barking and someone cutting down trees with a chainsaw. The challenge seemed very easy and I guess they did it because all the girls get killed off and they don't want just the guys to be left in the show. Also it seemed like Ryan was very distracted by all the noises around. So he became the 4th victim of the mastermind.

I so wanted to see how the killer kills off the people on the show. Couldn't they have used some sort of special effect or movie trick instead of just shacking around with the camera and not showing anything? And to hear Steffinnie say "Are you kidding me?" kind of made me think maybe the killer is someone I haven't even thought of. Anyway the show is awesome and I really hope this is not the only season they make!

The next episode of 13 Fear is Real airs Friday 9/8c on The CW!

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