Friday, January 16, 2009

The new adventures of old Christine Season 4 Episode 13 (S04E13)

Am I the only one who sees a little of myself in Christine or does everyone feel like that? I mean sometimes I am so painfully like her that I just can not stop laughing about it. This is one of my favorite shows ever. I have received the first season on DVD for Christmas (now it is endlessly played over and over again).

This episode was again full of funny humiliation for Christine. Richard, Matthew and Christine went to Ritchie's school to listen to a 7th grade survival presentation. After embarrassing Matthew and Richard Christine finds a old schoolmate that gave her the nickname C-Cup and everyone back then in school thought that she was easy which she claims she wasn't. So she confronts him and next day he already told everyone that he slept with her.

I have thought many times this show is going to be canceled especially since it was in talks a couple of times to be axed. I loved this show from the first episode on and wanted to see more, not just one season or 2 no more. And now that the show is in it's 4th season I truly hope it is still not the last. I want more!!!

In case you have not watch the episode "7th Grade Survival", here you go

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The next episode of The new adventures of old Christine airs Wednesday 8pm ET/PT on cbs.

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