Monday, January 19, 2009

13 Fear is Real Season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02)

So who has the death box? I am sure it's one of the guys and my guess is that it's Cody. I wonder when the killer will kill off the first contestant and how they will do it. So it's wait and see for that one.

This episode Nasser accused Laura of being the killer. So everyone had to agree with him in oder to make a formal accusation. Since he was wrong the mastermind contempt him to be in the execution ceremony. Since Nasser is already part of the ceremony he had to sit the challenge out together with Erica. The rest had to pair up and got put in boats in the swamp. In the middle of the boat was a box and before pulling the plug on the boat and it starts filling with water they had to unwrapped the box. Which turned out to be a glass box with snakes in it. In the middle of it a tin can and a plastic container to get the water out of the boat with. After pulling the plug it was all about getting the water out and surviving the challenge. At some point one of the contestants of each boat had to take 2 snakes and hold them over their head. Laura started to hold them over her head but not long after she through them overboard and held up their flag (the team who first holds up the flag lost the challenge). So Laura and Adam lost and took part in the execution ceremony.

The execution ceremony this time was in a container. They were lined up and blindfolded. The minions put cages around their head filled with rats and chained to the walls. They had to unscrew the screws to take the chains off, then take off the cage helmet to then take the key out of the cage and unlock the lock. The last one in the container would have the cage doors opened so the rats could eat their faces, well good plot for a horror movie but most of the rats in the helmet were fake which anybody was able to see since they didn't move a bit. I guess only 1 or 2 live ones were in there. And I doubt they really let them into the part where the contestants face was.

Laura became the latest casualty in the execution ceremony. Nasser was the first one out closely followed by Adam. And my guess was that Nasser is not going to make it out, man was I wrong!

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